Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ever see a really cool kid and think: "I hope MY son is like that when he's older." Or, ever see a screaming toddler and think: "OMG, is my sweet little newborn gonna turn into THAT?!" Yesterday I met both.

In the grocery store, I heard - before I saw - number 2: whining, screaming, kicking the grocery cart. This boy looked about four and was not about to do ANYTHING remotely close to what his mother asked. His sister just sat in the cart quietly sucking her thumb, watching this war of wills.

Now understand, I'm not judging: as the mother of a 4-year-old son myself, I've certainly had those days when you want to scream in public: "No, I really DO teach my kids good behavior!!!"

Hours later, I picked up a friend's son for Vacation Bible School and was truly impressed by this 11-year old. He opened doors for me, carried my bags without being asked and engaged in interesting conversation - as charming as could be.

But it was the story he told me about his mom that put a lump in my throat.

Throughout the hour or so I spent with him, he probably mentioned 5 or 6 times how much he loved his mother. Finally he said: "Do you know WHY I love my mom? Because she plays football with me. Other mothers say 'I don't have time' or 'I don't want to mess up my hair.' But my mom always plays football with me and we have a lot of fun.'"

Wow - I'd love for my 4-year-old to turn into THAT kid! Guess I'd better figure out where the 50-yard line is.

Monday, July 28, 2008


If you don't believe in it, you do now - because after 9 months, NEWSMOMS IS BACK!

9 months - did I have a baby, you ask? I WISH it were that simple to explain.

I stopped blogging for the same reason I started. I wanted to share my world, but I found my world was too busy. Blogging was taking away from the mom/family time I was writing about.

But this summer, my kids are out of town with grandparents, so I have newfound time. I feel both lost and free. It's like: "Yeah - I don't have to pick up toys and make dinner tonight!" And: "Wow, there's no one to pick up after or make dinner for."

So what did I do? I booked my summer with projects, trips, plans and commitments. After the fact, I think it was my subconcious way of being to busy to miss my kids!!

I've been to LA, Buffalo, South Carolina, Baltimore, and I'm organizing Vacation Bible School and the fall Spelling Bee.

And I still miss my kids!!!

There's nothing like a half-sleepy little person cuddling up for a bedtime story. Or that half-exciting, half-scary shout from downstairs: "Mommy - look what I did!"

I want them BACK!

I'll see them in three weeks. I can't wait.