Monday, August 04, 2008


No, not the anti-segregation kind... the "should my 5-year-old ride" kind.

My son's headed to kindergarten (yeah!), and I have not a care in the world about him hopping on the school bus. Which is wierd, because when my daughter started two years ago, I was totally against it. My biggest fear was that she'd get off at the wrong stop and get lost.

Now, I'm actually looking forward to seeing Andrew hop on with Mr. Manny later this month. He's so excited. But so was Anna.

Why am I feeling so much less angst? Is it because I'm more familiar with the school, the route and the driver? Or -- might I think that because he's a BOY, he can take care of himself? Not consciously, but it is interesting that my husband - who wasn't concerned about Anna - has already decided to drive Andrew. He thinks Andrew may get lost and not be able to find his class once he arrives at school.

Deja Vu!

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K said...

My son is starting Kindergarten this fall, too. His sister will be in 3rd grade. I think I'm much more relaxed because they will be on the bus together. They can look out for each other. Will your daughter be on the same bus?